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This Is Our Mission Statement

Talent Ready Utah is a resource gateway for educators, industry and other stakeholders. What does that mean for you?

Talent Ready Utah will focus and optimize the efforts businesses make to enhance education. Talent Ready Utah will support businesses as they become involved with education in activities such as job shadows, internships, donations, industry tours and in-classroom presentations. Talent Ready Utah will also promote programs that provide unemployed and underemployed adults greater opportunities to receive training and certification in high-demand occupations.


Looking to build your talent pipeline? Get involved with education. Talent Ready Utah helps to build your workforce needs through strategic partnerships bringing education and industry together. By introducing your company to high school students through work-based learning you build awareness of career opportunities. Capture the workforce of the future through internships, job shadowing, mentorship, in classroom presentations and more. We’ll help you identify the opportunities.


Looking for a career that’s engaging and well paid? We’ve got the resources you can explore to learn about job training certification, work based learning experiences and the best jobs for your future.

Job Seekers

Looking for a career change? Access current jobs through the Department of Workforce Services, learn more about specific training options to launch a career that you love.


Bring relevance to the classroom. Partner with local businesses to show your students what it takes to be successful, fulfilled and skilled in to today’s high skill/high tech industries.


The organizations involved in Talent Ready Utah span the public sector, industry and education. All are committed to developing the workforce of the future and growing Utah’s economy.


Learn how Utah has developed successful career pathway programs in several different industries. The Utah Career Pathways Guide describes a step-by-step process that your school district or industry association can implement.

The STEM Mentor Exchange will open doors both ways; providing industry with top local talent to fill new STEM jobs, and for educators to better prepare their students, and tap into the often unused wealth of talent and resources industry has to offer.

Across the country, there are great examples of best practices in work-based learning and other career development efforts.

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